Learn how to grow plants in your balcony or garden that can be used in your kitchen, right here.
The next time your friend sends you that pesky Farmville request, you can just turn around and tell them that you’re days of growing tomatoes online are done, you’ve discovered a new game. This one’s got amazing graphics, an incredible soundtrack and it’s so realistic that you can actually pick those flowers or eat those fruits once you’ve harvested them: Urban Farming! 
Okay, just kidding, Urban Farming is not really a game, it’s much much better! It’s a great way to pass your time, spend time with your family and friends and at the same time learn about nature and food. What exactly is Urban Farming you ask: simple, it’s just a fancy name for growing plants (particularly vegetables, fruits and herbs) in a city. Before I can tell you how easy it is to become an urban farmer, it’s important to understand why urban farming is becoming so important and so popular: over-population & health and the environment!
Over-population: There are already too many of us (people) on earth (almost 7 billion), with more on the way. We’re quickly out-growing our ability to feed ourselves and we’re also running out of space to grow all that food. Keeping this in mind it’s time to think about a new way of growing food particularly in cities where most of that food is packaged and sent.

Health & the Environment: Most of us only know about one kind of the farmer: the small storybook farmer who grows all his food on small plot of land to feed his family and his community. But, we don’t often think of the other type, the big farmer, who grows food for cities, clears acres and acres of land, uses millions and millions of litres of water, electricity and fossil fuels and all sorts of chemicals and pesticides. This type of farming and the food that comes from it is not always healthy and definitely not good for the environment. Urban farming means we can grow food closer to here we eat it and without having to worry about what pesticides and chemicals are in it.

Okay, so down to Urban Farming Basics. Essentially as an intrepid urban farmer embarking on your first gardening adventure you need to think about 4 basic things and these are important regardless of whether you have large garden outside your bungalow or just a potted plant on your window sill. Click on the boxes below to enlarge the instructions for each step.

Learn to grow your own food